Best Hair Transplant Doctor In Chennai

Best Hair Transplant Doctor in Chennai

Hair is always an important part of human beauty that is bestowed on us by the nature. As the hair fall starts, it creates a deep psychological impact on the person and in some cases the concerned person suffers inferiority complex, feeling of less attractiveness, and shortness of confidence. Hair loss is highly disturbing for a person. When you require a hair transplant, you should consult the best hair transplant doctor in Chennai


There is an overwhelming majority of males suffering from hair loss. The reason could be hereditary, depression or Androgenetic alopecia, a general type of hair loss in men and women, or it is known as “male pattern baldness”.

What We Are

Desire Aesthetics, an acclaimed hair transplant service provider has been developed into a center of excellence in delivering hair transplantation treatments in Chennai. Our state-of-the-art facility will provide comprehensive hair loss treatments for men and women.


Led by the renowned plastic surgeon in Chennai, Dr. A. Sivakumar, being the Director of Desire Aesthetics, there is a talented team of hair transplant and cosmetic surgery specialists who have decades of experience in treating such ailments offering wide-ranging hair restoration services.


How Do We Treat Patients

When a person suffering from acute hair loss or baldness arrives in our clinic, any form of treatment or procedures can be applied or suggested after a detailed examination and diagnosis of the scalp condition of the person. We have a team of trained hair transplant specialists who are well-versed in dealing with different hair loss issues and will suggest the best possible hair restoration treatments for you.


Follicular Unit Extraction is a highly beneficial hair transplantation surgery in Chennai. It involves the removal of follicular units separately from the donor’s area and later transplanting them into the beneficiary thinning area. With the use of an automated extraction tool, the grafts are removed carefully and getting them placed in the required area. Here, there will be no stitches and won’t leave any linear mark.


Being a client-centric clinic, we remain committed to strict protocols of having safety, hygiene, and a high level of success rate in implanting hair. Schedule your appointment now for having a personalized consultation with the best hair transplant doctor in Chennai, be ready for it.

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