Gynecomastia Treatment In Chennai

The breast tissues of some men enlarge during puberty and adolescence due to hormonal changes. This can make their chest area appear more prominent and shaggy, leading to psychological issues for individuals. This enlargement of breast tissues is known as gynecomastia.

Dr A. Sivakumar is the pioneer of gynecomastia treatment in Chennai with 15 years of experience in reconstruction surgery. This is a safe and straightforward process conducted under local anaesthesia. It requires minimal to no hospital admission, and the patient can be treated while staying awake throughout the operation.

Procedure of Gynecomastia treatment

The patients assessed is given anaesthesia under the guidance of a certified anesthesiologist. After that, the surgeon performs the surgery by doing a small incision in the margin of the nipple-areolar complex and skin excision for larger breasts. Considering the level of gynecomastia, the doctor either remove the excess fat or remove the granular breast tissue. Once done, the surgeon will suture the incision area, and the patient is ready to go home. The whole process hardly takes 2-3 hours to complete.

The best part is the result is noticeable within a few days as soon as the swelling goes down. The surgery can be fast and safe with no possible side effects when conducted under proper care and skills.

Why Choose Desire Aesthetics?

Pioneer in gynecomastia surgery

Dr A. Sivakumar is a pioneer in correcting enlarged male breasts or gynecomastia under local anaesthesia.

Immediate discharge

With our skills, technology and minimal-invasive procedure, the procedure hardly takes 2-3 hours. Meaning, you don’t need any hospital admission.

Natural appealing results

We have all the skills and techniques that enable us to provide the best and satisfactory results with invisible scars and a faster healing process.

Satisfactory results

Our gynecomastia treatment in Chennai is affordable, safe with satisfactory results.

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