“I recently had Breast Reduction Surgery under the expert care of doctors at Desire Aesthetics. From my first consultation through to the aftercare, doctors at Desire Aesthetics were professional, caring and always allayed any anxieties I had. I cannot thank them more for the new found confidence the surgery has given me.”


“I came to know about this clinic when I was browsing for a good plastic surgery clinic in Chennai. I read a good review online which indeed is damn true as I found this is the right I should have visited long back. Anyway, finally I reached my destination that can help me and direct me in the right direction to cure my problem. It has been a year since I started taking advice from a doctor and I am completely happy with the medication. I will be so happy to recommend him to my friends too.”


I had a very good experience with the Desire Aesthetics clinic. It has been a few months since my surgery. They have followed up on the post-operative counseling and procedures in a highly professional way. I am extremely satisfied with my results and recommend Desire Aesthetics to anybody seeking surgery.


It was very nice I’m happy with the result, and I’m sure I will recommend for my friends and relatives.


Best doctor in this field! Explained all the problems I faced about this problem and gave the best remedies. Now, I am more confident and my skin looks even. Would definitely recommend this doctor for any skin-related problems!


This was my first visit to Desire Aesthetics. Doctors at the clinic gave us time to describe our problem. They are so genuine as our problems were clearly explained about the cause, and symptoms. Doctors at Desire Aesthetics also added about the problem healing period whether it will be cured permanently or we can only control it. Overall it was a good experience and gave me 100% satisfaction. I sure will recommend Desire Aesthetics to others. Keep it up.


I have hair on my face so I visited Desire Aesthetics and they suggested taking laser treatment. Now I got a solution and I am very happy. Thank you Desire Aesthetics


It was very good.

Doctors at Desire Aesthetics answer your queries patiently and understand the patient very well. Never in a hurry to rush up and close it!

I am always happy with the service at Desire Aesthetics.

Hats off.



I have so much hair fall so I visited Desire Aesthetics who gave me a pro treatment now my problem solved thank you Desire Aesthetics.


I met with an accident so I have a problem with my hands and I approached Desire Aesthetics and performed surgery successfully thank you so much Desire Aesthetics. Now I am very happy.


I have melasma pigmentation in my face past 10 years I did peel with Desire Aesthetics now its gone 50%.


I did surgery in Desire Aesthetics now I am happy with my result and pain free.


I have skin problem and I reached out to Desire Aesthetics.

they provided me with a solution. Now I am very happy!


Very experienced and reliable.


I did surgery in Desire Aesthetics now I am happy with my result and pain free.


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