Breast Reduction Surgery In Chennai

Breast Reduction Surgery in Chennai

What Is Breast Reduction?

A breast reduction surgery in medical terms is known as mammoplasty. It is not only a personal choice to look attractive but an option for women struggling with large breasts causing. Then, it is for back and neck pain or for the people who aren’t happy or may be self-conscious about the large breasts. Large breasts sometimes appear droopy leading to low-confidence due to poor physical appearance. The conditions that are discussed now can be corrected with mammoplasty operation. Book your appointment now for best breast reduction surgery in Chennai!

Why there is a need for Breast Reduction?

  • The person has overtly large breasts.
  • The person has droopy or ptotic breasts.
  • The person faces shoulder and upper back pain due to heavy breasts.
  • The person’s one breast is larger than the other.
  • There may be deep furrows in the shoulders because of the strips of the bras.
  • The person’s skin is altered in the sub-mammary area.
  • There are marks due to heavy breasts.
  • The person becomes unhappy and self-conscious due to large appearance of the breasts.

How is the breast reduction procedure performed?

Breast reduction is performed under general anesthesia. At Desire Aesthetics, being the best breast reduction surgery in Chennai, we use most advanced techniques to achieve a more proportionate and young contour of the breasts led by the renowned plastic surgeon in Chennai, Dr. A. Sivakumar.  


This intervention involves reducing the breast volume and bringing up the breast areola to the correct place with the use of the most approximated technique in both the cases. When the operation is completed, a semi-compressive dressing is put on the breasts and a drain if it is surgically indicated.

What Breast Reduction Can / Can’t Do


  • It will reduce the size of the breasts.
  • It makes both breasts equal in size.
  • It will improve the overall contour of your breasts.
  • It relives the back and neck pain by reducing breast size.
  • It will make lesser self-conscious


  • It can’t go against the natural shape of the breasts.
  • It involves the removal of fat through liposuction.
  • It will make the breasts lookalike what they were during pre-pregnancy.

Recovery of Breast Reduction

  • The patient may experience reasonable swelling, bruising and discomfort for the first 24 – 48 hours, but you can do daily activities and go for a walk if desired.
  • The patient can join regular work after 3 days of surgery if the person has a sitting job, not requiring strenuous activity.
  • Majority of the patients are back to normalcy after one month of surgery.
  • The person may be advised to wear a compression garment for 6 weeks.
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