Facial Scars Treatment In Chennai

Facial Scars Treatment in Chennai

When your skin is in the process of recovering from an accident, injury, surgery, burns, or acne, it causes scarring in the face. Once the scar occurs, it is permanent and some people are self-conscious of them. The scars arise from the biological process of wound repairing of the skin. So it’s a natural process of healing. Find the best facial scars treatment in Chennai!


Facial scar revision is a process of minimizing unattractive scars. This will make sure the scars are less visible or replacing the scars with a lesser level. Scar revision surgery is aimed at reducing the scar to less conspicuous and mixes up with the adjacent skin tone and texture.


Scar Revision Surgery

Scars appear on the face as a result of traumatic injury, disease, or earlier surgery putting the person in a deep level of despair and inferiority complex because of loss of facial beauty and appearance. Such techniques come in the form of local flap surgery, tissue expansion methods, etc that allow the skin to be stretched adequately so that reconstruction can be possible smoothly.


Our Treatment Procedure

At Desire Aesthetics, being guided by a renowned plastic and cosmetic surgeon in Chennai, Dr. A. Sivakumar, we take a detailed approach while dealing with such cases. We first make a thorough investigation of a person’s scars and suggest what will be the best treatment.


Being regarded as the best facial scars treatment in Chennai, we are capable of removing the old scar accurately without having any damage to the natural skin. Then, the new skin edges allow you to have the best option of cosmetic improvement in the face as well as body scars. This surgical procedure can be done in an outpatient way. Such an operation normally takes an hour under local anesthesia. Facial plastic surgery makes scars less noticeable and hence boosts your self-esteem.


Factors Important for Scar Revision Surgery

Skin type, color, age, and scar types are found to be important and are taken into consideration before surgery. A greater degree of facial scar recovery may require more than one procedure and techniques to be employed. Scar revision is advised not to be done just after months of injury. Ample time should be given to the body to recover completely. Book your appointment now!

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