Gynecomastia Surgery Low Cost In Chennai

Gynecomastia Surgery Low Cost In Chennai

How much does Gynecomastia Surgery low cost in Chennai?


The cost of Gynecomastia Surgery depends upon several factors ranging from 75,000 INR to 1, 25,000 INR in Chennai.


Gynecomastia surgery low cost in Chennai starts from 75,000 INR

Average charge in Chennai is approximately Rs.1, 00,000

Maximum price in Chennai is up to Rs.1,25,000

What is Gynecomastia Surgery?

Gynecomastia or Guy-Nuh-Koh-MAS-Tee-Uh or enlarged male boobs is a condition that men all over the world face. In Gynecomastia, there is a deposit of excess amount of fat and breast gland tissues in males giving rise to enlarged breasts because of an adolescent hormonal imbalance and genetic defect.


Dr. A. Sivakumar, Founder Director of Desire Aesthetics and one of the topmost plastic & cosmetic, and reconstructive surgery specialists is offering high-standard gynecomastia treatment in Chennai. With decades of experience in performing such types of surgeries, he is regarded as the best in providing scar-less Gynecomastia Surgery currently in the city at an affordable cost.  Such surgery costs may vary concerning the patient’s condition and the type of treatment rendered.  Book your appointment now for the best Gynecomastia surgery low cost in Chennai!

Male Breast Reduction

Male breast reduction is said to be the most popular form of treatment for gynecomastia or enlargement of male breasts. Such form of cosmetic surgery procedure involves the extraction of fat and glandular tissue providing a flatter, firmer, and greater masculine contour to the chest. Losing weight hardly serves in giving relief from this disease. The patient needs male breast reduction surgery for long-term cure.

Liposuction: This surgery will remove the breast fat without the breast gland tissue itself.

Mastectomy: This type of surgery will remove the breast gland tissue. Sometimes, the surgery is done using small incisions. The lesser the invasive type of surgery, the lesser will be the recovery time.

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