Hair Replacement In Chennai

Hair Replacement in Chennai

Are you worried about hair loss or feeling depressed or inferior because of losing the beauty of your face? Well, at Desire Aesthetics say goodbye to all of your hair loss problems and can opt for our advanced non-surgical hair replacement techniques as part of acute hair loss treatment. Our clinic has specialized hair replacement experts who provide top-notch hair replacement in Chennai services to hair loss issues.


What is Hair Replacement System?

Simply, hair replacement or non-surgical form of hair transplant is a method of attaching the hair replacement system to the scalp. This hair system is made of cent-percent natural human hair and is customized to match the color and density of your natural hair.


There is availability of different hair replacement solutions as part of hair loss or baldness treatment that would appear like the natural hair that you’re treasured before. Nonsurgical hair replacement can be the real option for hair loss whether it is in the early or more advanced stages. Modern techniques make sure the hair to be restored gradually or rapidly as per client requirements. 


What is our approach?

At Desire Aesthetics, under the guidance of an eminent plastic surgeon in Chennai, Dr. A. Sivakumar, we work on a straightforward approach to the hair replacement procedure that ensures all products and objectives are discussed during consultation.


Our specialist will make a thorough investigation of your hair loss or baldness issues and will suggest the best hair replacement procedures. The non-surgical way of hair replacement is painless and cost-effective and you can get back your crowning glory hassle-free way. We will make sure there won’t be any damage to your natural hair or have any side effects.

Hair Silicon System

It is a contemporary method of treating Partial Baldness. Hair Replacement is regarded as better compared to hair transplants as it is a Non-Surgical procedure and you will have the proper volume and density in comparison to Hair Transplant in a short period.


By Hair silicon, you will have attractive natural-looking hair in a relatively short time and you can have the hairstyle as per your choice. Hair silicon is a semi-permanent procedure of hair fixing that involves fixing a patch to baldness with the use of silicone gel. Non-surgical hair replacement in Chennai is hassle-free, affordable, and causes hardly any scars. Book your appointment now.

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