Hair Transplant In Chennai

Hair Transplant in Chennai

Best Hair Transplant in Chennai, if you are facing baldness, hair loss, or hair-fall problems and looking for the best hair transplant solution in the city, then Desire Aesthetics hair transplant clinic is the destination for you that provides advanced hair treatments at an affordable price.

Best Hair Transplant Solution in Chennai

Hair has always been an important part of human beauty given to us by nature. When hair loss begins, it has a profound psychological effect on the person, and in some cases, the affected person suffers from an inferiority complex, loss of attractiveness, and lack of self-confidence. Hair loss is very worrisome for people who are affected by it. If you require a hair transplant, consult the best hair transplant in Chennai treatment.


There is an overwhelming majority of men are affected by the hair loss and baldness. The reason may be hereditary, depression, etc. Men are also affected by androgenetic alopecia, a type of alopecia that is common in both men and women, or called “male pattern baldness.”


Led by a topmost plastic surgeon in Chennai and one of the best hair transplant doctors in Chennai, Dr. A. Sivakumar, being the Director of Desire Aesthetics with decades of experience in treating these diseases has a talented team of hair transplant and cosmetic surgery specialists who provide comprehensive hair growth services.

Our Hair Transplant Treatment Process

The people who are suffering from acute hair loss or baldness when coming to our clinic apply or propose any treatment or technique after a detailed examination and diagnosis of the condition of the scalp. We suggest the best possible and result-oriented procedure to the patient.


Follicular Unit Extraction is a very beneficial hair transplant surgery in Chennai. It involves removing the follicular units separately from the donor’s area and later transplanting them into the recipient’s bald areas. Using an automated extraction tool, the grafts are extracted carefully and getting them implanted where it is needed. There will be no stitches and linear marks.  Book your appointment now for a personalized consultation! 

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