Mommy Makeover Cost In Chennai

Mommy Makeover Cost in Chennai

Motherhood is one of the most fulfilling and rewarding experiences in a woman’s life. The bond between mother and child from the moment the baby is born is indescribable. The connection is indescribable and purely magical. However, some mothers find it very physically difficult to recover and get in shape after having a baby. Pregnancy, breastfeeding, and childbirth take a toll on women’s body. In these situations, even exercise and a healthy lifestyle aren’t enough to get your body back on track. A woman’s life could change forever. Here’s one of the most famous procedures you can do: a mommy makeover.

What is a mommy makeover?

Dr. A. Sivakumar, one of the topmost plastic & cosmetic, and reconstruction surgery specialists in Chennai is the Director of Desire Aesthetics offers advanced and most successful mommy makeovers at the best mommy makeover cost in Chennai.


A “mommy makeover” in a real sense refers to a series of procedures performed in the same surgical session aimed at improving the appearance of the areas most affected by childbirth. Mommy makeover surgery combines surgical and non-surgical procedures such as liposuction, tummy tucks, breast lifts, facial rejuvenation, and additional skin care treatments to help moms achieve a contoured body figure and healthy and glowing skin. It empowers mothers as it helps them effectively achieve an attractive body.

Mommy Makeover Surgery Process

Step 1: Mommy makeover package includes multiple steps to restore a woman’s pre-pregnancy body.

Step 2:  The body areas that can be transformed with the help of Mommy Makeover include – Abdomen, Vagina and Breasts.

Step 3: General or local anesthesia with intravenous sedation.

Step 4: Mommy makeover recovery time depends on the different steps included in your mommy makeover package.

Step 5: There are different types of mom makeover packages. The cost of a mummy makeover depends on the number and type of procedures you choose or need (breast augmentation, breast lift, breast reduction, tummy tuck, liposuction, vaginoplasty, etc.). For combined surgery, the second surgery is 50% of the original cost.


Mommy Makeover Cost in Chennai starts at Rs 4.5 lakh and vary depending on the procedure. Mommy Makeover cost depends on the factors-

  • The type of surgeries performed
  • Doctor Fees
  • The hospital concerned and the facilities given
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