Nose Plastic Surgery In Chennai

Nose Plastic Surgery in Chennai


Since the nose is centrally located on the face, it contributes greatly to the overall beauty and attractive appearance of the face. A straight and symmetrical nose adds a unique charm, but a crooked and deformed nose detracts from it. Rhinoplasty surgery or rhinoplasty includes a variety of procedures aimed at correcting deformities and enhancing nasal proportions. Rhinoplasty helps in correcting the bulge (dorsal hump), nose width, nasal kink, nose tip, protruding nasal tip, post-traumatic deformity (nasal injury), and internal valve collapse. Search for the best nose plastic surgery in Chennai.

Objective of Nose Plastic Surgery

Nose plastic surgery is done purely because of cosmetic purposes. If a person doesn’t like the way he/she looks, then he/she goes for a makeover. Another reason people get nose plastic surgery done is if there is severe damage by trauma or disease. The nose is a very fragile organ and breaks more easily than other bones. This surgery includes-

  • Augmenting the nasal bridge (dorsal hump)
  • Osteotomy to reduce the width of the nose
  • Septal repositioning in cases of the deformed septum and related breathing difficulties
  • Performed to correct bumps, wide tips, and nostrils. This procedure is performed under local/general anesthesia depending on the extent of the procedure.
  • Correction of post-traumatic deformities (nose injuries) and internal valve collapse

Nose Surgery Vs Nose Plastic Surgery

Both Rhinoplasty and septoplasty are plastic surgeries involving the nose. Rhinoplasty prioritizes the exterior or aesthetic appearance of the nose, while septoplasty deals with the structural issues associated to the interior of the nose, for example, issues with breathing.

Why Desire Aesthetics

Dr. A. Sivakumar is the Founder and Director of Desire Aesthetics and is rated as one of the best cosmetic, plastic, and reconstructive surgeons of the city providing exceptional nose plastic surgery in Chennai. He is highly experienced in performing cosmetic and plastic surgery services.

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