Nose Reshaping Surgery Cost In Chennai

Nose Reshaping Surgery Cost In Chennai

The nose is positioned centrally to the face and thereby plays a crucial role in the overall beauty and providing an attractive look to the person. A straight and symmetrical nose brings a charismatic look whereas a crooked and deformed nose distracts from it. Desire Aesthetics provides treatment services at the best nose reshaping surgery cost in Chennai.


What Is Nose Reshaping Surgery?

Rhinoplasty or nose reshaping or reconstruction surgery involves a variety of surgeries aimed at correcting the deformities or intensifying nasal proportions. The rhinoplasty surgery is performed to correct the dorsal hump or the bump of the bridge, twisted nose, nasal width, prominent nasal tip, deformities post- nasal injury, or in case of internal valve collapse. This surgery includes:

  • Augmenting the nasal bridge or dorsal hump
  • Osteotomies for reducing the width of the nose
  • Septum repositioning for defective septum and related breathing disabilities
  • Surgery is performed to correct buboes, nasal flaring and wide tip, and nasal flaring.
  • Correction of deformities involved post-nasal injury
  • Internal valve collapse

Benefits of nose reshaping surgery

  • This surgery not only boosts facial harmony with the improvement in the quality and appearance of the nose but also builds self-confidence.
  • To correct disorders like sinus, snoring, headaches, defective or deviated septum, and nasal congestion.
  • Revision rhinoplasty helps in making the adjustments if it’s not possible in the first rhinoplasty surgery.
  • It improves breathing capability if there are defects since birth.
  • It also repairs broken nose.
  • Reducing nasal tip and bridge.

Under the active guidance of renowned plastic & cosmetic and reconstruction surgery specialist in Chennai, Dr. A. Sivakumar, there is a team of Nose Reshaping Surgery specialists and trained medical support staff who provide impeccable medical care cost-effective way. Here, nose reshaping surgery cost in Chennai varies widely depending upon the standard of treatment and patient condition and needs.

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